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Orble FAQ

What is Orble?

Orble is a platform for local groups which run real world events.

Our mission is to make the world a more fun and interesting place by fostering local communities, and running amazing events for those communities that entertain, teach, and inspire.

Where is Orble based?

Orble is based in wonderful Sydney, Australia and is run by an Australian registered company Orble PTY LTD.

Who runs the groups?

Each group is run by an organiser who recruits members, finds event hosts, promotes the events, provides support and more.

They are wonderful people who work hard to make the world a bit more fun and interesting by arranging awesome events.

Each organiser usually runs more than one group. Want to be an organiser? Contact us through your nearest group.

What are group hosts?

Hosts are recruited by organisers to run each event. An example would be a photography instructor running a beginners class for the local photography group. Want to become a host? Contact us through your nearest group.

Can I start my own group?

We love to hear from people who would like to help start a group in their own city. Get in touch via your nearest existing group.

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