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Our mission is to foster groups of like-minded people in different cities around the world, who want to pursue a passion together.

The current hobbies covered are Photography, Crochet, Knitting, Art, and Fitness.

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Upcoming Events

Cascade Falls, Macquarie Pass at Night

Cascade Falls, Macquarie Pass at Night

Wollongong Photography Group
Wednesday 06 December
Cascade Falls, base of Macquarie Pass - 7:30pm - 2 Hours
Stroll along the Cascade Falls track at night listening for night wildlife and ending at the Cascade Falls
Hopefully, if luck is on our side we may find some bioluminescent life.
Please be aware of the potential risks of walking along a bush track at night with steps and rocks and therefore the potential for trip hazards, slippery rocks, mosquitoes and leaches!.
2km return trip.
Edinburgh - 3 Day Photography Tour

Edinburgh - 3 Day Photography Tour

Photography Travel UK
Friday 08 December
Edinburgh City Centre - 2pm - 3 Days
Capture the Magic of Edinburgh: Join Our Photography Tour!

Embark on a visual journey through the enchanting streets of Edinburgh, where history and beauty come alive through the lens of your camera. Our Photography Tour in Edinburgh, is your passport to discovering the city's most iconic landmarks and hidden gems, all while honing your photography skills.

Highlights include:
-Urban Photography and Street Scenes - Royal Mile and Carlton Hill
-Night Photography techniques for capturing illuminated scenes - Edinburgh Christmas Markets and Victoria Street
-Landscape Photography and Hike, including capturing the Sunrise over Edinburgh for dramatic lighting - Arthur's Seat
-Capturing Unique Architecture and Street Scenes - Dean Village and Stockbridge Market

Our professional photography guide Warren McCann, an expert in both the city's history and photography techniques, will lead you to the ideal vantage points and provide hands-on assistance to capture Edinburgh's essence. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced photographers, as we tailor our instruction to your needs.
**Medium level of fitness required.

Tour Details and Inclusions:
Dates: Friday 8th December - Sunday 10th December
Accommodation: 2 nights in central Edinburgh in shared accommodation
Meals :2 x Breakfasts, 2 x Dinners, 2 x Lunch
Group Size: Minimum 6, Maximum 12
Photographic instruction by a professional photographer
Equipment and Gear List: Will be emailed upon Booking

What's not included:
Airport Transfers
Alcohol with meals
Photographic equipment
**Optional extra session - Castle Night Photography

Don't miss the opportunity to transform your Edinburgh adventure into a visual masterpiece.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a photography tour that will leave you with stunning memories to cherish forever and let your creativity flourish in the heart of Scotland's capital!

Sunrise Photography Meetup

Sunrise Photography Meetup

Hervey Bay Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
Urangan - 4am - 2 Hours
Discover the art of capturing the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise in our upcoming event. Gain insights on how to master manual settings or switch to AV (aperture) mode for that perfect shot. Learn from the pros and enlighten your photography skills to create captivating images.
Beginner's Photography Class

Beginner's Photography Class

Sarasota Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
S Tamiami Trail - 8:30am - 3 Hours
Immerse yourself in the intricate depths of photography and learn to harness the full potential of your camera by escaping the constraint of automatic exposure. Delve into the inner workings of your camera, expanding your understanding of critical settings such as shutter speed aperture ISO, and their implications on your resulting exposure. Then, pivot your knowledge into practice under the mentorship of a seasoned professional photographer. Capture the world through your lens like never before.
Beginners Guide to Photography

Beginners Guide to Photography

Milwaukee Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
3rd Ward - 9am - 3 Hours
Learn the basics of photography and settings on your DSLR.

This class is designed to give you a solid understanding of the fundamental basics of photography; the nuts and bolts stuff that will set you on the path to understanding your camera and how to create great shots.

Armed with these fundamentals, you will have the skills and the confidence to approach any style of photography, from portraits to landscapes and
everything in between.

Come and join us!
Beginner's Guide to Photography Class

Beginner's Guide to Photography Class

Adelaide Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
King William Road - 9am - 3 Hours
Whether you're a budding shutterbug or a seasoned enthusiast looking to refine your skills, our Beginners Class promises to elevate your photography to new heights. This immersive, 3-hour photo walk session is designed to gently wean you off of Auto mode and impart the skills required to transform your everyday captures into professionally styled shots. Revel in the beauty of the inner cityscapes and the scenic River Torrens views while you learn. The focus of this immersive experience will primarily be to master the art of achieving the perfect focus and great exposure in your shots. Moreover, enriching discussions on various camera hardware and their applications will further add to your knowledge pool. Watch your passion come alive and your skills flourish in this engaging class.
Shooting in Manual Mode Class

Shooting in Manual Mode Class

Adelaide Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
South Terrace - 9am - 3 Hours
Develop your photography skills and elevate your photo quality by joining this interactive and engaging class. Designed for those yearning to transition from Auto to Manual mode on their camera, it aims to instil confidence in manipulating camera settings for optimum shots. Gain invaluable insights and get hands-on with the essential camera functions and understand the exposure triangle that includes Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO. It's time to take a step beyond 'auto' and make your way towards capturing breathtaking shots with your camera.
Street Photography Meetup

Street Photography Meetup

Basingstoke Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
Basingstoke City Centre - 9am - 2 Hours
Discover the charm of the city through the lens of a camera. Join us as we explore innovative ways of capturing cityscapes, streets, and more. Our session will help you master the art of photo composition, teaching you to weave stories through your photographs. Get acquainted with the ins and outs of street photography, do's and don'ts included. Conquer the city's streets through your camera and create memories for a lifetime.
Beginner's Class II

Beginner's Class II

Palm Bay Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
Pineapple Ave, Melbourne, FL - 9am - 3 Hours
We invite you to continue your journey in photography!

This practical session will get you more comfortable with your camera and practice essential skills you've learnt in the Beginner's Photography Class. Indoors/Outdoors class

The theory part will be in the Library classroom.
The practical part will be outside in the nice artistic neighborhood.
Beginner's Portrait Photography Class

Beginner's Portrait Photography Class

Edinburgh Photography Group
Saturday 09 December
Dean Village - 9am - 3 Hours
In this beginner's class, you will be introduced to environmental portrait photography, or more simply outdoor portraiture.

Together, we will walk through some of the most useful tips in order to get consistent great results when shooting pictures of people.

You will be introduced to the basic rules for good portrait photography, and at the end, we will also see how we can break some of those rules ;)
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